Buy Vfit
Vfit- The Comfort Solution was invented by a mother of three especially for pregnant women!  This easy-to-use and comfortable fabric panel gives you the room needed at your waist as it starts to grow during early pregnancy and while it returns to pre-pregnancy size after the baby is born allowing you to wear your own clothes longer.  It is an affordable solution to the in-between phase when maternity clothes are too big, but your regular clothes are becoming too small.  Look great through all the changes your body is going through and say good-bye to baggy, oversized clothes!
How does it work?  
Simply insert Vfit into the waist opening of your slacks, jeans, skirts or shorts, attach with the buttons and elastic button hole to the garment and enjoy easy comfort all day!  It expands when you need it to.  Vfit is machine washable and avilable in four colors: blue, black, khaki and white.  
Vfit is also great for other times in your life when clothes are too small at the waist:
  • Bloating due to PMS
  • Abdominal Surgery
  • Temporary Weight Gain