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What you know could save your baby’s life. With the great fear of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, parents today want and need an easy-to-read, concise guide to navigate the maze of information surrounding SIDS and the Back to Sleep program. The biggest question we all have is, “What is best for my baby?”

Written by Pediatric Physical Therapist and mother of three, The Truth About Tummy Time is that guide. Get the answers you need while learning the best way to care for your infant with confidence. The Truth About Tummy Time takes a close look at SIDS and sheds light on the consequences that have developed out of the Back to Sleep era. Find out what condition now exists in 1 in 300 infants as a result of the Back to Sleep program and how to prevent it with your child, get the answer to “Is it ok for my baby to lay on her stomach?” as well as many more.

About the Author

Stephanie J. Pruitt, PT graduated from the University of South Alabama Magna Cum Laude in 1998, with a Bachelors Degree in Physical Therapy. She has 14 years of experience in Pediatric Physical Therapy. Currently, she serves as Director of Pediatric Physical Therapy at Eagle Rehab, Inc. in Madison, Alabama.
Noticing a trend in the field coupled with a personal experience of plagiocephaly with her first son, Stephanie began to research the topics of SIDS, the Back to Sleep program and the rising incidence of diagnoses like torticollis, plagiocephaly, developmental delay and sensory processing disorder. Her years of research are culminated in this book.  She now teaches other health care professionals nationally on her research findings and serves to enhance the current treatment techniques in these areas.  She was named a Safe to Sleep Champion by the National Institute of Health in 2012.

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"It's a good read for any parent with an infant."  ~ Connie at Modern Mama

"Stephanie Pruitt has done the world a great service by writing The Truth About Tummy Time." ~Donna at Parents with a Purpose

This book is simple and straight to the point.  There are tons of books, websites, and other material for us to use to find answers to our parenting questions but until now nobody has put together a guide on how to avoid SIDS without slowing down your baby's development."  Cascia at The Healthy Moms Magazine

Recommended by the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists